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MS Program of IEO

  • Entry requirements 
    (how to apply: see
    • Proof of academic excellence (top 50%): transcript of academic performance,research outputs such as papers published, awards or projects, etc.;
    • At least two recommendation letters.
  • Period of Study
    • Full-time student: 1-4 years
    • Part-time student: 1-5 years
  • Graduation Credits
    • Full-time student: 1-4 years
    • Part-time student: 1-5 years
  • Compulsory Courses
    • 1st year: Optoelectronics (I), Physical optics, Experiments of Electro-Optics Display Technology (I)(II),  Colloquium (as required for two semesters),Seminar(required for two semesters, those who leave the school during the semester for graduation may withdraw the required subject)      
    • 2nd year: Independent Study
  • Graduation Requirements
    • Complete a MS thesis
    • Pass the oral examination of the M.S. thesis
  • Other Requirements
    • Graduate school students shall at lease submit one thesis (means thesis for journal or domestic and foreign conventions, only first student in sequence at the same grade is acceptable, and the same thesis is subject to one writer) or submit one conventional thesis of first author in form of Taiwan Photonics Society signed by advisor, and the same conventional thesis is subject to one author.
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